The Sex Offender Registry and Moral Panics

A moral panic is defined as a widespread feeling of fear, often an irrational one, that some evil person or thing threatens the values, interests, or well-being of a community or society. It is "the process of arousing social concern over an issue," usually perpetuated by moral entrepreneurs and the mass media and exacerbated by politicians and lawmakers.Read more

What It Was Like To Be A Sex Offender In Seagoville Federal Prison

This personal podcast episode is about my personal experience at Seagoville, all 49 months, including 62 days in the SHU, or hole as inmates call it. Parents or loved ones with someone serving time may find this podcast valuable as I touch on what to expect at a low-security federal prison.Read more
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The Outspoken Offender (Matt Duhamel)

An honest podcast about the sex offender registry, living with a sex offense, and the challenges that come with being on the “list.” The effects of social ostracism and rejection for ex-offenders are also discussed.

The Outspoken Offender Photo

The Outspoken Offender Podcast

Helping registrants and their family members move beyond stereotypes and social ostracism. – Advocate, Filmmaker, Trauma Coach, Podcaster, and Dog Dad.

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