On August 27, 2005, two registered sex offenders were murdered in Bellingham, Washington by a vigilante posing as an FBI agent. Victor Vazquez, 68, and Hank Eisses, 49, were shot dead from single gunshot wounds to the head. The killer, Michael Anthony Mullen, got the victims’ names, addresses, and photographs from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s sex offender notification website.

Join me for this special on-location podcast episode from Bellingham, WA. I view the house on Northwest Avenue where the murders took place and walk through the middle-class neighborhood. I also discuss Mullen’s case and provide a few tips on how you can protect yourself from vigilantism.


Additional Information:
Sex Offender Stigma: An Exploration of Vigilantism against Sex Offenders

A recent study (California Department of Mental Health tried to suppress the data) showed just 6.5% of untreated sexually violent predators were arrested for a new sex crime within 4.8 years of release from a locked mental facility. Even with this data, civil commitment facilities still exist. Minnesota is one of 20 states across the nation that has a civil commitment program for former sex offenders.