Abolish the Sex Offender Registry – Let’s Try These Options Instead

January 9, 2021

America’s sex offender registry offers no additional protection for children and our communities. This statement has been proven in numerous studies throughout the years.

So, if the registry doesn’t work, what else should we try? In this informative podcast episode, I discuss three possible options: Circles of Accountability, chaperone programs, and support and awareness groups. According to studies I discuss in this episode, all three options are more effective than national sex offender databases in reducing recidivism. So why aren’t communities more active in implementing these programs?

Join me as I discuss this important and conversational topic affecting almost a million people in the United States.


Links to studies/articles discussed in this episode:

Is It Finally Time For a Different Approach to the Post-sentence Management of Sex Offenders?
Results from a randomized controlled trial in Minnesota
CoSA Canada

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