How To Move Past The Trauma Of Incarceration

February 13, 2021

“Soul Murder”, a phrase coined by Dr. James Gilligan, professor of psychology and law at NYU, can be used to describe incarceration. In other words, the trauma of prison can destroy someone’s personality and their sense of being alive. This negative effect on someone’s life can also be described as Post-Incarceration Syndrome.


How does one move past trauma from being incarcerated? What about the trauma from being on the sex offender registry? This podcast episode offers a few tips on how to move past trauma and regain your sense of worth.


“A trauma can be defined as any significant negative event or incident that shaped us. It can emerge from any impactful instance that made us feel bad, scared, hurt, or ashamed. By this definition, we have all experienced some degree of trauma in the process of growing up.” – Trauma expert, Dr. Peter Levine.

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