Locked Up In Moose Lake – A Civil Commitment Death Sentence

May 6, 2021

A recent study (California Department of Mental Health tried to suppress the data) showed just 6.5% of untreated sexually violent predators were arrested for a new sex crime within 4.8 years of release from a locked mental facility. Even with this data, civil commitment facilities still exist. Minnesota is one of 20 states across the nation that has a civil commitment program for former sex offenders.

With no release dates, advocates against these facilities are calling it a “death sentence” because there’s no clear way for a person to be released from the program. A group of men at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program’s Moose Lake facility even held a 2-week hunger strike to protest the lack of a clear path to release. Though the hunger strike has since ended, these facilities still exist, holding men indefinitely. With only 13 people that have been fully released from the Moose Lake program in its 27-year history, the chances of being released is extremely low.


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