Media Portrayal of Sex Crimes and Cyber Pedophilia

April 18, 2021

Has the media created a national moral panic on sex crimes and cyber pedophilia? In this brief podcast episode, I read from the report, “Sex Crimes in the Media” (Tanya Serisier, School of Sociology) and the media representations of child sexual abuse.

“The dominant media image of the rapist is a marginal male driven by sexual desire; a dangerous stranger lurking in the bushes (Jewkes, 2015). Entertainment media especially reproduce the psychotic stranger stereotype, with high numbers of violent or homicidal serial rapists featured in genres such as television crime shows (Horeck,2004). This imagery is in stark contrast to the statistical reality that rape is most commonly committed by “normal” men from the same social sphere as, and usually known to, their victims.” – Sex Crimes in the Media (2017)


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