One Cannot Choose To Not Be A Pedophile

January 28, 2021

Are people born with pedophilia? Do pedophiles deserve sympathy? Before we can answer these questions, we must remember there are differences between being a pedophile and a child molester. People CAN choose to molest children, but the opposite may be true for living with pedophilia.


In this honest podcast episode, I discuss research from James Cantor, Ph.D, an international expert on pedophilia. Agree or disagree, his research is stunning. Studies are now showing gray matter anomalies in pedophiles with and without a history of child sexual offending. Dr. Cantor states,


“Pedophilic men have significantly less white matter, which is the connective tissue that is responsible for communication between different regions in the brain. Pedophiles perform more poorly on various tests of brain function, tend to be shorter in height, and are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous (characteristics that are observable before birth).”


The goal of this episode is to bring forth new research that is often not discussed. You are free to create your own conclusions and beliefs.



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